Tuesday, September 8, 2009

genesis 1:20

Thank you everybody for your positive comments about my Genesis Series. I am getting ready for a show in early October benefiting the Wilson Education Foundation. More details to follow about that. In the meantime I will chronicle for you how this series developed in these postings. Thank you for following!

acrylic on stretched canvas with gallery edge

48" x 48"

The Genesis Series will be presented in early October and available for purchase at an event benefiting the The Wilson Foundation. Stay tuned for more information regarding when and where!


mary said...

Brenda, I love your work! And I loved getting to know you and paint with you. What a blessing to share this art journey with such a fun, nice group. I will keep checking back and look forward to seeing everything that follows.

anie enson said...

I think your work and style are progressing very well. I like your composition. I would love to see one of these paintings with about 20 more layers. The texture you are beginning to build in this series is quite interesting!

Matt said...

love this one