Thursday, September 17, 2009

mystery of the mist

"But there went up a mist from the earth,
and watered the whole face of the ground."
Genesis 2:6
Before sin entered the garden the earth was watered with what the Bible describes as a "mist" and not the rain showers we know today. At the onset of the great flood, water spewed from deep inside our planet and flooded its surface. Some scholars and scientists tell us the Continental Divide and parting of the continents occurred at the onset of this global flood.

acrylic on stretched canvas with 1.5" gallery edge
48" x 60"

"Mystery of the Mist" is part of the Genesis Series and will be available for purchase at the Tseelana Market benefiting The Wilson Foundation, October 8 and 9 at the TRU Salon, 2715 Fairmount, Dallas, TX. Hope you can come!

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