Friday, September 18, 2009

new life

“….put on the new self,

which is being renewed in knowledge

in the image of its Creator.”

Col 3:10

I have just finished reading Dr. Greg Boyd's book, Letters from a Skeptic. In his next to last letter (pg 181), Boyd discusses the process of transformation that begins once the leap of faith is taken. This process is totally radical to all other faiths in that Christ is the one who changes man, not man striving to be like God. The believer understands that he can never be holy enough for an all holy and perfect God; therefore the only way to be reconciled to his creator is through the work of a perfect and holy substitute.

God doesn't annihilate the old self or re-create a new self. He transforms the believer from the inside out. Something beautiful begins to emerge and grow. This is the love of God permeating the existing self. Our sin is absorbed in the cross and God then declares us righteous.

I don’t often do this but I thought it would be appropriate here to show you the under painting; a rather naive, whimsical painting of a tree. As the painting progresses, the old tree is slowly covered as the new tree, feasting only on God’s love, gradually grows and covers the old tree.

Now I have yet to meet a perfect Christian, self included. Therefore it is this process of continual transformation which is called living the life as a child of God. The final transformation takes place when we pass from this life to the next, shedding the old self completely.

acrylic on board

30" x 30"


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